Why do we collect? It's an inner drive so basic we can trace the practice of collection to the ancient Egyptians and beyond. The need to express oneself is so hardwired into our being that since the oldest known manmade (or womanmade) artifacts were indeed pieces of,-carved bone beads dating back 300,000 years and interned with the collector.

We choose certain pieces of because they remind us of something important--a special person, a never-to-be-repeated event, a memorable place, or even a wishful dream. Collectibles are markers of time and vehicles which can transport you back to a moment. You literally can keep collectibles "close to your heart." So whether beautiful in its own right, or powerfully symbolic, it's a deep well of the memories, joys, and concerns of our forebearers. It's a bridge to our past and can help us understand who our ancestors were and what their lives were like. The more information that we have about an item the more valuable it becomes to us, and remembering that in many cases a collectible may have no monetary value other than the value placed on it by the collector.

Linda Harper is the owner of Gianna's Gems.

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